Metodo Energy and Facility



Reduction of direct and indirect costs related to facility management services.

One liaison for many acquired services with the possibility to optimize the internal structure and concentrate the resources on the actual core business.

Delegation of responsibilities to a trusted third party as required by current regulations.

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Energy efficiency with guaranteed saving.

Constant Updates

Ongoing staff training, attention to new technologies, easy access to the best professionals in the market.

Custom solutions

Identification and implementation of projects for system technology redevelopment based on the needs of each customer.

Financial solutions

Identification of better aligned financial solutions to support required investments.

Energy and Facility

Continuous monitoring

Planned and continuous control of energy consumption with the processing of the data collected. Intervention and real-time correction of any anomalies.

Guaranteed saving

Energy efficiency with clear objectives and guarantees. Each year E & F's performance will be measured and, based on the saving, a mechanism of bonus malus will be triggered.

Sharing the savings

Shared goals to achieve a common interest.