The Information Technology Platform used by E&F contains features that are useful to each of the parties involved in the processes of Facility Management: the end users of the services, the customer's managers, those who give the authorizations and carry out control and monitoring, including economic-financial of services and related quality levels, the operational managers of the company, and the teams in the field.

The Information Technology Platform

Each of these parties, once the software is accessed, will find only the functions they cover and will be simply and effectively guided in executing the work.

This platform can be used effectively regardless of the organizational and management model chosen by the customer: from global service (a contract with integrated services where the customer wants to check the results of E & F instead of its processes) to integrated multi-service (where E & F is responsible for operational management , but the customer will control not only the results but also the processes), to management of services not integrated.

In addition, this platform allows you to analyze management data to support strategic decisions most appropriate which the customer is required to make.

All of the above functions are accessible by all operators not only via the web, but also on the move, through smartphones or tablets.