Consider facility management as the provision of all activities that allow usability and full and comfortable use of properties, whether for industrial use, or for office use, tertiary or residential. The services provided by Energy & Facility fall in this area and for simplicity can be classified as follows:

A. Building Services

  • Operation and maintenance of technological systems as a "Third Party Responsible" including design and related technological redevelopment.
    The technological systems included are:
    • Thermal plants, plumbing and air conditioning
    • Electrical and special systems (voice, data, access control, security, fire detection and fighting, UPS and generators, etc.)
    • Lift Systems
  • Maintenance of building operations
  • Availability and quick response

B. Personnel Services

  • Provision of general services such as cleaning, park maintenance, reception and concierge, unarmed security, porters, document delivery, etc.

C. Energy management and energy efficiency services

  • Auditing of energy systems in buildings and equipment installed in order to propose solutions that optimize energy consumption and environmental comfort with the implementation and maintenance over time of the proposed solutions
  • Identification of the most appropriate financial solutions to support investments required.

D. Governance services and services for reengineering of processes

  • Governance of all services provided directly or indirectly through the use of computer systems.
  • Redesign of service contracts in order to offer and implement optimized solutions.

The Company uses external suppliers, if requested by the customer, or when each individual business provides a partial absorption of the resources involved.

Energy efficiency with guaranteed saving


After undertaking visitations the E & F technicians are able to develop analysis and energy audits of the facilities and building systems of the customer. After the collection of data and relative analysis, the evaluation proceeds to:


Step E&F Client
Identification of interventions  
Intervention cost designs and the annual savings in €  
Calculation of the timeline for return on investment  
Choice of interventions to be implemented  
Research for the most appropriate financing structure  
Approval of the financing methods  
Execution of approved work  
Operation and maintenance for the period of time up to return on investment  
Monitoring of economic savings
Sharing the economic savings

E & F provides the customer energy savings designed by  assuming the business risk of its equity share of savings, up to its total return to the customer.